We believe in a world where lighting makes people healthier and all lighting fixtures are circular produced

Today, a large number of lighting fixtures are thrown away because the electronics inside are outdated. Building owners want to harvest the benefits of LED, but a large number of existing light bulbs can’t be switched to LED, and are therefore thrown away and replaced by new LED fixtures. However, most existing lighting fixtures are made of lasting materials such as aluminum, and could last for many decades to come. Fischer Lighting has invented a new patented solution that challenges the current throw-away culture by making it possible to switch to LED without switching the entire fixture. We are capable of reusing the existing lighting fixture and fit a replaceable LED light bulb/unit into it. The reuse of materials provides a cost advantage, and in addition, it gives strong environmental benefits.

We use Danish manufacturers when possible and our patented solution for downlights is only produced by Danish manufacturers. This saves a large amount of CO2 due to a reduction in transportation. A Life Cycle Analysis indicates that reuse of existing lighting fixtures can reduce CO2 consumption with up to 43 % compared to throwing out existing fixtures and installing new ones. Further details can be provided upon request.

Fischer Lighting has developed a number of patented LED kits, which are ready to insert into existing fixtures, and we are capable of rebuilding almost any lighting fixture to LED.

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