Our concept

Fischer Lighting is a sustainable business in rapid development, launching a unique circular concept. We see no reason to discard perfectly functional lighting fixtures, if they can be renewed and turned into something even better.

We aim to steer away from the traditional use-and-discard consumer culture which is prevalent in the lighting business. Every year, millions of functional lighting fixtures with outdated electronics are thrown away and end up in trash heaps.

Renewing is simpler, better for the environment and cheaper than buying new materials.

This is why we produce modular LED solutions built on existing fixtures, but offering all of the functionality, lighting quality and energy saving technology expected from state-of-the-art LED.

We create solutions with a better quality of light, lower energy consumption and reduced environmental footprint.

LED solutions from Fischer Lighting frequently lead to fewer disruptions in the installation phase, as it will not be necessary to rebuild or restructure ceilings. Our solutions can be taken apart, eliminating the need to discard the lamp or fixture in connection with future upgrades.

Our method is responsible renewal for a brighter future.

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Health care and assisted living

The right lighting at care facilities and hospitals can have greatly beneficial health impacts for patients and the elderly. For this reason we have, among other things, specialized in providing circadian rhythm lighting to the health and residential care sectors, where a great deal of time is often spent indoors.

Housing associations

Our long-term experience in providing lighting for housing associations ensure that you receive the correct lighting solution, with emphasis on safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

We make sure that you have the best possible lighting of common areas with savings in both maintenance and upkeep.

Office and administration

Our LED lighting creates optimal working conditions and increases employee satisfaction.

By reusing lamps and fixtures you minimize the inconvenience of restructuring your space and will be able to save on electricity and maintenance costs.

Sports and cultural activities

There are high demands placed on the lighting in halls and gymnasiums used for anything from examinations to sports activities and parties. This calls for flexible solutions. We have the knowledge and experience in lighting design and control that is necessary in order to provide your users with the optimal lighting conditions for their activities, giving them the best experience possible.


The right lighting increases focus and concentration and lowers noise levels. Our LED solutions with intelligent control have a positive influence on mood and performance, giving you the best conditions for the learning environment.



Certified solutions of the highest quality. Our LED-lighting meets all applicable standards of safety and quality. Our LED solutions are CE-marked and constructed exclusively from quality components. For this reason, we always offer a warranty on each product we install.


Save money by using what you have. Rather than investing in new lighting fixtures, save money by energy-optimizing your existing fixtures. You minimize maintenance costs while securing a solution for the future with great savings and a great overall economic framework.


Maintain your architectural expression. By upgrading existing fixtures, it is possible to retain the aesthetic expression intended in the design of your building. All of our tailor-made solutions provide the optimal quality of light, and a lighting design to give you maximum comfort.

Comfort and work environment

Improve your comfort and working environment. With functionalities such as circadian rhythm lighting, we make use of the way lighting impacts human experience and productivity, beyond just saving on energy. Our LED solutions featuring dynamic lighting control can provide you with a working environment which increases productivity and employee well-being.


A more sustainable choice. Our design solutions are based on the principle of circularity and go against the culture of disposable single-use objects. All parts can be separated and re-used, reducing carbon emissions by up to 42%, in comparison to newly produced lighting fixtures.

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